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INTRODUCTION Our company, Chetran Foods Private Limited, based out of Pune, India, offers GREAT TASTING Tofu and soyamilk based foods specifically tweaked to suit the Indian palette and Indian cuisine. Softer, juicier tofu! Non beany soymilk!  Light soya breadspreads! And plenty more… south asia first-2hands free

MEETS INTERNATIONAL HYGEINE – Using state-of-the-art equipment from Takai Tofu and Soymilk Company of Japan (the world’s pioneer –has supplied over 60 % of the fully automated Soymilk/Tofu plants used in the developed world) and Prosoya Incorporated of Canada as well as Thermax/ Ingersoll Rand /Blue Star of India, along with the practical teachings of Tofu Masters over the ages, our soyamilk manufacturing process is completely untouched by human hand. The systems are 100% CIP (clean in place). A unique blend of art and science.


AND INTERNATIONAL DIGESTIBILITY STANDARDS – The advanced Japanese automation systems enable perfect digestion by destroying the STI in soyabeans, yet without hurting (denaturing) the fabulous soya protein. Adjusted to Japanese standards of product digestibility. OUR FRESHNESS FRENZY – To get you as close to “FACTORY FRESH” tofu as possible, we supply all outlets in Pune daily or every alternate day. (2- 7 times/week) Maintaining “COLD CHAIN” strictly. And UV sterilized water, quick cooling systems, etc in production… And replace tofu within 7 days(maximum) of manufacture from all outlets in Pune city. We do this with advanced production planning, Just-in-time delivery systems…   HENCE NO PRESERVATIVES – in our Soymilk , Tofu (soya paneer) and Soya Dahee.   YET OUR PRICES – are reasonable; on an average, Chetrans products are half their branded dairy equivalent’s prices.   FINALLY OUR TEAM – The company is run by senior professionals – a father who produced India’s first frozen food distribution system, and sons who are IIT/IIM graduates and an MBA – Chetran’s was set up with the objective of providing healthy protein at a lower cost to the Indian consumer learning from Japan and China.